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  • Do you do custom or personalized order?
    Custom and personalised orders are absolutely available! Please contact me to get a quote.
  • Why don't you accept returns?
    There's primarily two reasons why I cannot accept returns for veils and other fashion items. The first reason is that I am a maker - not a shop. The service that I am selling on Etsy is for a custom made, one of a kind veil for each bride who makes a purchase. When you purchase a White Jasmine veil on Etsy, you are buying something made by me, for you. Not a veil made for someone else, that I'm selling or re-selling. As such, I cannot accept returns as I have no avenue to re-sell a returned veil. The second reason is that some brides have, in the past, purchased a veil, worn it on their wedding day, and returned it afterwards, which is not the service I offer on Etsy. I sell fashion - I don't rent fashion. Thank you for understanding 😊
  • What if the size i want is not available in the listing
    lease contact me if you require a specific length not available in the listing.
  • How to take care my veil once I receive it ?
    Carefully take the veil out of the box, please make sure your nail does not have sharp edge. Hang it up somewhere avoid direct sunlight and dust. It will remove most of the wrinkles after few days. To remove any stubborn wrinkles, wet this part with clean cold water and dry it naturally. Please do NOT use steamer or iron
  • Gift wrapping and packaging
    Every single item in my store are beautifully gift packaged at no extra charge :-)
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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